Architectural Design Studio Project
Public Facility

3dMax + Vray
Illustrator + Photoshop
Physical Model Making

Klong Pak Nam


Going Bananas

The proposal represents and symbolizes the new cultural centrality for the Klong Pak Nam community offering programs for an urban market, gathering community space, and banana garden.
Going Banana creates a space that establishes a strong link with the park away from the traffic and chaos in the nearby main road.
The impressive T-square typology of the selected site that is being suppressed by all sides by the taut vertical concrete jungle surroundings, aside from the southwest elevation facing the canal and the Aground Hotel allow the canopy design to contradict immensely on the visual impact it created.



‘Agrond’ The four-story hotel design, a canal side habitat is located in the Samuthprakan district.  It has a large terrace on the top floor with an apparent element on all three levels: terraces and patios, which allow the interior to be connected with the exterior. These openings provide many rooms with not only passive ventilation or entrances to their individual room, but at the same time increase the amount of natural lighting being accessed into the building throughout the day. When a user comes out of the room, natural breeze and warm light will be the first thing one will encounter.

The form of my hotel has come from the concept of Thai boats that back in the days usually floats in the canal but nowadays, they seems to appear mostly in the ‘Talad-Num’ area or the’ water market’. Back in the old days there used to be many wooden boats, because the canal is the major circulation transportation system in Thailand. They often collide each other. Therefore, I make use of this daily lives activities as an inspiration to my design.

The scenario of two boats crashed, and the hotel comes into being, which metaphorically can be understood as if this wreckage is an interpretation of the obsolete way of transportation.