Site Specific Design
Pakchong Stage is deliberately placed to obstruct the main circulation route. The reason is due to many artists who played at this stage are new comers, hence the name of the stage ‘Pakchong’ means to give birth in Thai. The fact that audiences who want to go to the 2 main stages, Ferris Wheel stage (1) and Cow stage (2), they have to pass through Pakchong Stage. This site specific design system helps the new artists gaining more fan base while at the same time maneuvered audiences to walk on certain path so they are compelled to listen to the music.

Stage Design Concept : Natural Stages of Breast Development
The name of the stage “Pachong” is to give birth. In the music festival context is to give birth to unknown new artists, singers, and bands. The notion of givining birth is narrated through the female anatanomy “breasts”. The natural stages of breast devolopment best support the content and visual elements in order to produce conceptual ideas, “Giving Birth”.

Lighting Design Concept
The use of suspended white nylon ropes create sculpted shapes of female breasts in different stages. White nylon reflects wash colors from LED Par well and as a result immersive visual experience is possible for both audiences and artists. Many lighting scenes and cues are made to support many genres of music.  Mirror ball sizes and custom made donut shape foams are relative to the age and sagging of the female breast growth.

Director | Jiro Endo [SUPERSWEET]
Scenographer + Lighting Designer | Woraya Boonyapanahoti  [SUPERSWEET]
Lighting Designer | Voratorn Peerapongpan [Duck Unit]
Production Team | Gayray


Features: Architecture, Installation, Scenic Design, Lighting Design

Role: Lead Architectural Design, Lighting Designer

Date: 2014, Thailand

6 - 7. Dec. 2014