Role: Lighting Designer

Features: Lighting Design, Production

Date: 2014, Thailand

Heineken Open Your World
Making a mark at the end 2014 at Central World in Bangkok, Heineken debuted ‘The Heineken Pop Up City Lounge’, a design concept that was originally initiated at the 2014 London Design Festival and has embarked on a worldwide tour.

Collaborated with a Thai-based architectural studio, TOFU, the design concept is to create an ideal must-visit beer park setting during the festive season with unique brand experience of Heineken through innovative design concepts.

The lighting design concept aided the overall open air architectural design very well. Several types of lighting fixtures are implemented, in particularly LED Tape Lights, E26 Light Bulbs and Work Lights.

  • 1,200 meters of LED tape light are used through out the lounge, seatings and stage areas.

  • 258 pieces of 150w E26 light bulbs are meticulously placed at the stage of the cocoon design.

  • Instead of a simple white background, 24 pieces of Work Light are put together as a lighting back drop for the bands.

Architect | Tofu Studio
Lighting Designer | Jiro Endo, Mint Woraya Boonyapanachoti
Laser Design | Kor.Bor.Vor
Music | Tul Waitoonkiat
Lighting Supplier | AV Systems