Interactive 3D Web Experience

Role: 3D Artist

Features: 3D Scanning, Photogrammetry, Web Integration, Voice, point cloud

Medium: Matterport, Photoscan, Shaders, Express/Node.js, Webpack, Babel, ES6 JS, Travis

Date: 2018 - On-Going, NYC

ITP3D is a web experience about a New York University master’s program called ITP (Interactive Telecommunication Program). In 2019 ITP is completing 40 years and a lot of the history of the program is associated with the space where classes take place - the iconic 4th floor at Tisch School of the Arts. In late 2019, the Master’s program is being relocated to a different NYU campus in Brooklyn and with the move, the community is filled a lot of nostalgia. ITP3D is a digital archive where alumni, faculty and current ITP students can revisit the physical space at Tisch, now as a 3D model, navigate freely around, record and listen to other people’s memories.

User Flow