Many design components revolves around a Japanese’s invention of an Onigiri, or a rice ball, a common Japanese food made from white rice formed into triangular shapes and often wrapped in seaweed. 

The overall scenography exploited the Onigiri’s form and shape as the key visual element. The translucent screens created an “in-inside” space inside the concert's hall, separating the audiences’s area from the bars zone. The screens are lifted 1 meters above ground level and are hanged from the catwalk level of the concert hall. The reason to this is to create a unified visual connection throughout the hall. Also, audiences who left the “in-inside” space to buy drinks can still be well aware of the show, thus they are not completely cut off from it. 

The free flowing property of the synthetic fabrics allow for a big display space dappling the space beyond with lighting, enhancing the spectacles visual experiences. The fabrics control the amount of diffused and direct lighting entering and exiting the space, permitting controlled visual accessibility into the audience space while creating an evocative and inviting structure that unveils the activity within to the in-inside space (inside the fabric-curtain wall).

The Human Vending Machine is inspired by one of Japan’s famous use of vending machines. Japan is currently the home to more than 5 million vending machines. That’s a lot! and they are everywhere. By adopting Japan’s key element in retail infrastructure with their love of high- technology and incorporate with Thailand’s low-tech street vendors, a new way of selling beer is introduced. The Human Vending Machine comprised of three modules of rectangular onigiri shaped. Made out of bended metal rod covered in the same material as the screens, translucent synthetic fabric.

1. Ichiko Aoba
2. Salyu x Salyu
3. Baffalo Daughter
4. Wisut Ponnimit


Director + + Scenographer + Lighting Design | Jiro Endo  [SUPERSWEET]
Designer + Product Designer | Woraya Boonyapanachoti [SUPERSWEET] | Best
Scenographer + Lighting Designer | Go Ueda
Organizer | Gayray

Scenic Design
Lighting Design

Centerpoint Studio Lasalle
Bangkok, Thailand


28. Sep. 2013

Ichiko Aoba

Salyu x Salyu

Buffalo Daughter

Design Elements