Press: Bangkok Post, Vice, The Nation Thailand

Role: Lead Architectural Designer

Features: Architecture, Installation, Exhibition Design, Lighting Design, Performance & Scenic Design, Production

Date: 2015 - Present

The Molam Mobile Bus Project was launched in 2015 to provide the public with access to molam through an abridged version of the “Joyful Khaen, Joyful Dance” exhibition¹. This project outlines the development of molam, which is not just a form of Isaan entertainment but also part of its culture, history, politics and society. Indeed, molam has stood the test of time because of its adaptability. The mobile Molam Bus Project will reach out to every corner of Thailand in promoting the exhibition, and the project organizer will invite the molam musicians who live there to stage their performances on the bus, bringing together and connecting musicians and singers from different provinces. The museum will serve as a meeting point for those who would like to study molam as well as anyone with an interest in the genre, thus helping to develop a deeper understanding of molam.

On Going Project
The molam network is subsequently expanding, adding to the exchange and building up knowledge of the molam culture. We very much hope that the body of knowledge we have collected can then be further developed. The Mobile Molam Bus is currently travels all over Thailand. It has been displayed at the Molam Museum at Jim Thompson Farm in Pak Thong Chai district, Nakhon Ratchasima, Wonderfruit Festival.

Initiated by Jim Thompson Farm
Organized by Jim Thompson Art Center
Supported by Thai Silk Company Limited, The James H. W. Thompson Foundation
Designed by Jiro Endo and Woraya Boonyapanachoti
The vehicles are modified by Kritsanapong Tassanabunjong, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi

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